Pellet Masters Financing Options

At this time Pellet Masters does not offer in-house financing, however we have worked with numerous leasing companies in the past. Here are links to some leasing companies our customers have used:




Patrick Germick

Commercial Finance Associate
Phone: 858-281-5022
Fax: (888) 234-0177

Don Polfliet

Business Development Specialist
Phone: 320-774-1088
Fax: 320-774-1089

Kristen Lamb

Business Development Representative
Phone: (603) 433-9463
Fax: (603) 501-1785

Michael S Maher

Business Development Specialist
Phone: 802-860-3565
Toll Free: 800-874-4747
Fax:(802) 658-9724

Pellet Masters accepts most forms of legal payment. Click here for Ordering Information.